Meet Adetunji Aalbi


Adetunji is  a keen energy, water, and innovation enthusiast. Wherever you you find him,  he will be learning and applying something valuable. He has had the pleasure of participating in numerous projects touching on sustainable energy and water. For example, his PhD research concerned developing novel materials for energy-efficient potable water production via desalination. Furthermore, based on his interests in advancing sustainable energy and water solutions, he was motivated to cofound a nonprofit organization with the overarching goal of promoting sustainable development. Some of their past accomplishments include design and installation of a solar-powered irrigation system, powering a university lecture hall with a solar PV system, and formulation of a preliminary draft of the Nigerian Climate Change Bill.

What is your personal gamechanger to the water sector and sustainable development?

Something that’s not only engaging and empowering, but also habit-changing and self-sustaining. I’m still seriously thinking about this one :).

Why did you get involved in the UN2023 GCC as Jury?

I would love to make meaningful impact and this is one way I figure I can do that.