Adopt an idea

Towards the UN 2023 Water Conference, 200 student-teams from over 62 nationalities are developing an implementable and innovative idea that takes on a global water challenge. Ideas are developed inspired by youth from a local community, focused on one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

Every idea can have the potential to become the next Gamechanger that makes our climate more resilient in the future. That is why the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge is looking for private sector organizations, knowledge institutions, or NGOs to adopt an idea. Check out the available ideas below!

& Help develop the next Gamechanger!

What's in it for you?

Get in touch with the next generation of talent that’s needed to ensure a climate resilient future.
Showcase your innovations within the Wavemakers United Academy and our events.
Join a global network of youth networks, knowledge intuitions, sustainability champions and others with a passion for water, food & energy.
Join our global network of Wavemakers during local events that make impact, or during global events that showcase successful initiatives.

What's expected of you?

Guide ambitious students towards implementation of their water-related idea. Both non-financial as financial guidance is possible and up for discussion with the students.
Connect the students to your (local) network of public and private sector organizations that can help with the development of their idea.