Meet Aileen McMamamon


Aileen McManamon is the Founder and Managing Partner of 5T Sports Group, a global sports management firm and certified B Corp. 5T focuses on futureproofing the sports industry by aligning team and league revenue models to the environmental, social and economic realities of today.

Aileen’s career began in the European auto industry as brand steward for FIAT and Alfa Romeo, crafting marketing strategy and top-performing partnerships between Fortune 500 brands and sports properties. Returning to North America after 5 years in Germany and focusing on the rapidly emerging tech sector, she guided international business strategy for clients in IT, wireless, enterprise software and clean tech, with the Hess Group in Chicago.

In 2008, longing for a return to sport, she founded 5T Sports Group where she parlayed her brand marketing and technology expertise into working with the Olympic Games, FIFA Women’s World Cup, MLB, MLS, MiLB and the NFL, and brands such as Microsoft, EA Games, Hewlett-Packard and Mercedes-Benz. She has empowered women and diverse business owners in finding their place in sports industry procurement and major event delivery, created lasting legacy programs for visiting Olympic teams and frequently serves as an independent verifier for sports organizations seeking certifications from the Council for Responsible Sport.

Aileen is passionate about leveraging sports for sustainable development. In addition to 5T, Aileen serves on the boards of the Green Sports Alliance, the Sports Ecology Group and Equal Play FC. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio; a diehard Guardians, Cavs and Browns fan and lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Why did you get involved in the UN2023 GCC as Jury?

As one of two critical elements of life on this earth, there can be no greater calling to young innovators to imagine the solutions we now so desperately require to preserve our human future.

The incredible effort to bring forward 200+ teams from all around the globe with a diversity of perspective and lived experiences is not to be understated as an achievement in itself. I am deeply honored and truly full of very joyous anticipation to explore the ideas that will come forward in this challenge.

I am so confident that we will discover several groundbreaking concepts through this process and cannot wait to be among the first in the world who will gain a look into the positive changes we have within reach.

Wishing all the teams the very best in this critically important endeavor.