Meet Akinyi R. O. Musau


Akinyi is a Mathematics teacher since 1986, and hold a Dip.Ed (Science) and B.Ed(Double Mathematics) He is excited to impart knowledge and assess students both inside and outside a classroom as well as remotely.

These schools have also been in Rural and Urban settings. This year he was one of the teachers who got the AU Continental Teacher Award-2022 in a virtual ceremony held on 30th November 2022! Besides teaching he is an Invention Educator.

What is your personal Gamechanger to the water sector and sustainable development?

“To get practical ways in which safe and clean water can be availed to low and middle income group of people at an affordable rate. Have large water dispensable tanks installed at market centres in the rural with a card reader so that the locals can buy the water using cards (subsidized cost). This would go a long way to ensure that clean and safe water is made available, well stored and affordable.”

Why did you join the UN2023 Gamechanger as youth jury?

“I have an interest in knowing what the youngsters from different countries feel about their environment (especially areas that touch on availability of clean water) and what they would like to do inorder to conserve and save it. It would be interesting to see their creative and innovative ideas brought out through prototypes in an attempt to get solutions to some of the water challenges faced worldwide. Having been a teacher for over 3½ decades I have good background knowledge (which I keep updating to match the emerging trends), on how to carry out assessment of the teams’ work.”