Meet Azimeh Jafari Sadr

Azimeh Jafari Sadr earned her doctoral degree in Child Development Psychology from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and is currently a lecturer at the psychology department of Monash University Malaysia.

Her research focuses on Mother-Child Interaction, parenting, child and adolescent psychology, and Mental health in the challenges of water humanity. She is particularly interested in empowering parents to have a better relationship with their children and adolescents so they can shape a better future for the young generation. 

What is your personal gamechanger to the water sector and sustainable development? 

We hope to inform communication and education campaigns to promote environmentally responsible behavior among youth by providing factual information.

Why did you join the UN2023 GCC as Youth Jury?

Environmental issues like climate change have severe impacts on the lives of young people; we seek to identify the specific programs that persuade young people to engage in pro-environmental actions.