Meet Judith Otip


Judith is a graduate Architect having attained two bachelor’s degrees in Architecture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. She has always been passionate about Architecture with an interest and focus on sustainability, quality interiors, and renovations that improve the quality of life for the users. HEr enthusiasm for sustainability has attained her awards such as winner certificates from Kenya Climate Innovation Centre as well as opportunities to actively participate in such as the GLF Climate 2022. Being an Architect is a way of life that helps one identify the importance of human-centredness and water is an integral drive toward achieving that.

“A large part of my commitment is to make the world a better place for everyone and particularly vulnerable groups and any efforts toward that positive impact are a call to action for me.” – Judith Otip.

Why did you join the UN2023 Gamechanger as youth jury?

I joined the UN2023 GCC as Youth Jury because I take it as an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and positive experience while at the same time enhancing my societal participation as a youth. It grants me a platform where an expression of new feelings and ideas are expressed in new ways. Having participated in Architectural design, I would like to offer my assistance and knowledge to see the conceptualized ideas materialize into solid ones that can be actualized and benefit the community and world at large.