Meet Juliane Schillinger

Juliane is a PhD candidate at the University of Twente and a junior researcher with the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, working on water management and climate adaptation in fragile and conflict-affected settings. A large part of her work is devoted to the interface between academic research and the humanitarian sector. In addition to her research, she has worked on youth advocacy with the World Youth Parliament for Water and the Environmental Peacebuilding Association since 2018.

What is your personal gamechanger to the water sector and sustainable development? 

Youth networks! Sustainable development and water management requires collective action across all scales. Over the past years, we have been able to use communication technology to build larger and stronger networks that connect youth working on these issues around the world, to exchange ideas, collaborate and support each other. None of us can solve their water challenges alone, and now we have the tools to work on them together.

Why did you join the UN2023 GCC as Youth Jury?

The Gamechanger Challenge is a great opportunity for youth around the world to develop innovative solutions to the water challenges that matter to them and their communities. As a jury member, I hope to support the teams on their way from the first idea to implementation and to encourage them to keep pushing for change.