Meet the teams

Water benders

Team captain: Julia Kobylińska

University: HZ University of Applied Sciences, Middelburg, Netherlands

Idea description: Our idea is to share awareness about water use in clothes production by creating an app. It will work as a pop up while online shopping to show how much water was used for production of particular item


Team Minang

Team captain: Jihan Syafa Kamila

University: (1) University of Indonesia, (2) Andalas University

Idea description: Our team has created an educative and engaging game, called BARA, that can be played with friends and/or family. It is made from recycled materials, educative, easy and fun to play for kids to adults.


Team Water skill

Team captain: Jin Tanaka

University: Kyushu University, Japan University of Tokyo, Japan Kyoto University, Japan Renmin University of China, China Peking University, China, Seoul National University, Korea Yonsei University, Korea Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi New Delhi, India University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Idea description: Much of the water resource management in the Asia-Pacific region depends on international rivers and faces future geopolitical risks such as water wars. We are developing engineers through the practice of social dialogue, which is the basis for technical and policy approaches to solving this problem.



Team captain: Andi Christian Piter Mauri

University: Secondary High School which name is SMA Negeri 7 Nabire

Idea description: Water Bag System


Team Sigmuan

Team captain: Chen Lester Wu

University: University of the Philippines Los Banos, in the Philippines; Ghent University, in Belgium; Wetsus, in the Netherlands

Idea description: Using smart technologies such as IoT and machine learning, we can use the basic water quality sensors that are already available to detect and identify the contamination of emerging pollutants in water bodies.


Team Algaenius

Team captain: Meinke van Oenen

University: Delft University of Technology & Wageningen University and Research based in the Netherlands

Idea description: The idea is to use halophilic algae to desalinate water in a sufficient and sustainable way.


Team Oceanic

Team captain: Lerissa Brits

University: University of Pretoria in South Africa

Idea description: Our team designed a system in which locals collect plastic pollution to exchange at a local store in return for food credit. All of the plastic, including those collected from the ocean cleanup, is then send to a recycling factory where the plastic is turned into water pipes, water tanks and floodgates.


Team 5 Corners of the World

Team captain: Robin Ross

University: HZ University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht University, Wageningen University, University College Twente, Netherlands.

Idea description: A board game to raise awareness about water footprints and responsible consumption.


Team UNC Water Institute

Team captain: Allison Lee

University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Idea description: We propose an online platform that provides a catalog of science-based activities and curriculum around water, sanitation, and climate change to support student organizations in becoming stronger and more effective catalysts of change in their communities.


Team Aqua Custodes (Water Guardians)

Team captain: Moustafa Abdelgawwad Mohamed Soliman Abdalla

University:Alexandria University

Idea description: Our innovative project aims to examine the ability of plastic-eating microbes and select the best isolate for further optimization and genetic engineering. Our solution target cleaning water from plastic contamination, rescuing marine creatures who die due to plastic pollution, and save huge amount of wasted money on daily plastic production



Team captain: Lawrence Blay

University: Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change (PAUWES), Algeria

Idea description: Provision of clean and affordable water for domestic uses through the use of a rainwater harvesting system incorporated with UV filtration treatment as well as developing a mobile phone app with educational resources for sensitization and capacity building to raise awareness on the importance of water and promote sustainable water usage habits.


Team Gray to Blue

Team captain: Sharan Ghai.

University: Leipzig University & TERI University

Idea description: Our project aims to create an all-natural and affordable system of water filtration to address the lack of accessible clean water in and around India’s capital, New Delhi. Through project Gray to Blue, we propose using mussels to create a scaleable, globally-implementable, zero-energy, and nature-based water filtration and eutrophication reversal tool at low-costs to address SDGs 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16.


Team Million Action Postcard

Team captain: Rawan Ghanem

University: University of Balamand, Koura, North Lebanon, Lebanon

Idea description: 1 MAP initiative aims to mobilize people, of different age groups, from all over the world, to express their thoughts, dreams, and actions about water-related topics using specific postcards which allows us to raise awareness of the importance of water and benefit from the ideas of the new generation. All postcards will be collected on a platform and will be assembled to create the biggest mosaic 1MAP.


Team Oasis

Team captain: Yeong Na

University: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Idea description: Our idea is raising the awareness to reduce emerging contaminants in wastewater and facilitate water reuse


Team Yakukawsaw

Team captain: Alejandra Villegas

University: Universidad Católica Boliviana, Environmental Engineering

Idea description: The main objective of our project is to give a use for rainwater such as irrigation, washing the dishes, and flushing the toilet (not for direct consumption) in different areas of the city that have limited water.


Team LHA Ambassadors

Team captain: Mughole Varondi Sissy

University: Laiser Hill Academy(BIE), in Kajiado county, Kenya.

Idea description: Elder brother tree: machine pumping ground and sea water used as a water distributor for both plant and people. It is able to be constructed in the middle of the continent and at the coast of the seas with means available for water sanitation before consumption.,



Team captain: Faris Amir Faishal

University: Gadjah Mada University, based in Yogyakarta Special Region

Idea description: The Gama.Inc Team's portable toilet technology is the Emergency Sanitation Operation System (eSOS) Smart Toilet, which is an environmentally friendly-based post-disaster mitigation effort. The structure of this portable toilet is arranged in such a way as to make it easy to carry with materials such as "Legos" or "Bricks" starting from the walls, roof, to the toilet itself so that it can be assembled and detached. This will facilitate mobility and is expected to reduce carbon emissions from transport vehicles. In addition, the material for making lego comes from used goods such as plastic which will be processed to become a strong plastic material.


Team Ladakh

Team captain: Nishant Tiku

University: Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh

Idea description: Our idea for water conservation is the ingenious technique of Artificial Glacier clubbed with the indigenous knowledge of Ladakh, to combat the scarcity of water in this rain shadow area of Trans-Himalaya. This idea can be implemented in other high altitude geographical mountain regions of the world.


Team Star

Team captain: Olawale Abidakun

University: UNESCO IHE Institute of Water Education

Idea description: Idea: Shower Water Diversion System. The system operates in such a way as to reduce the amount of water wasted while waiting for the warm water from the heater


Team Kaust

Team captain: Lamya al Fuhaid

University: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia

Idea description: To use the disposed waste from wastewater treatment plants for the production of high-value polymers