Meet Peshang Hama Karim


Peshang is doing his Ph.D. in the field of environmental sciences, majoring in hydrology. He has always wanted to be the voice of the voiceless for his people. He comes from the Kurdistan Region-Iraq, where agriculture is one of many families’ main income sources. Unfortunately, as a result of the ongoing climate crisis, many lakes have dried out, leading to forced migration due to food security and water scarcity.

He is determined to bring the voice of the youth from his region to the negotiation tables and contribute to producing a roadmap to help his region from the perspective of adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts. He is an intern at the world meteorological organization. He is the regional youth focal point for the United International Federation of Youth (UN1FY). He is a member of YOUNGO’s communications team. He is the CEO of the Swedish Jingedosty Environmental Organization. He has participated in many international conferences and given a lot of seminars regarding the climate change crisis.

Why did you join the UN2023 Gamechanger as youth jury?

I can share my knowledge with participants, exchange ideas, and create new networks. GCC is a good platform connecting youth from many countries, and I am curious to listen to new ideas and projects by youth worldwide.