Meet Sjoske tuinstra

Sjoske is a passionate kitesurfer and water and energy professional. she grew up in the beautiful province of Groningen in The Netherlands on a cheese farm. She studied human geography and urban planning in Utrecht and studied abroad in Cape Town during her bachelor and later for her thesis on the Cape Town drought on 2017.  She fell in love with South Africa and has been living there for around 5 years working on international water and energy projects.  She spends most of here time in the ocean kitesurfing on waves, and hiking in the mountains.

What is your Gamechanger on a sustainable future?

?Start by educating the next generation on sustainable water management as they are the future! I love bringing in my skills in connecting youth from The Netherlands and South Africa as well as global wavemakers so they can learn from each other’s best practices and make the world a better place. “

Why did you the UN2023 Gamechanger Challenge? 

“I am excited to see the innovative ideas that have been sent in by the next-generation game-changers. I want to use my experience in the international water sector to give an insightful view and some good feedback to the projects that will be presented. “