Meet Yasmine Jabali


Yasmine is an assistant professor at the University of Balamand and she teaches several courses in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

As a researcher in the field of water resources, entrepreneur, and public policy advisor, she has held a variety of roles that bring a holistic experience of the technical and practical skills needed to develop the sustainable cities of tomorrow. For example, as the founder and advisor of the UOB-LEWAP student chapter, the first of its kind chapter related to water resources topics, she is working enthusiastically and effectively with students and practitioners to apply what is learned in the classroom across departments to real-world solutions related to water resources.

As a co-founder of BIOwayste, she has developed a decentralized, and economically viable, renewable energy solution that will transform organic waste into energy. As a Lead Technical Advisor to Mruna, an urban resilience consulting firm in the UAE, and Lebanon, she is leading the development of a decentralized nature-based sanitation infrastructure solution that encourages collaboration among civil, sanitation, and environmental engineering in a way that transforms a city’s relationship with water. She is striving to move away from a linear to a circular approach that maximizes meeting SDG targets.

Besides teaching, she was fortunate to hold the position of laboratory supervisor of the Environmental Engineering Laboratory (EEL) at the University of Balamand from 2011- 2019 and the position of quality coordinator for the implementation of the ISO 9001 system for the civil and environmental engineering laboratories from 2015-2019.

Her current research centers on sustainability and chemistry, the cornerstone to achieving measurable sustainability in sanitation infrastructure and developing decentralized nature-based sanitation infrastructure. The design of her research is mainly guided by a multidisciplinary approach combining the technical and practical know-how of engineers and scientists from different disciplines to develop practical solutions and bring cities closer to achieving their SDGs.

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